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No job interviews. No admin concerns. No hiring hassles. Flexible commitment.
Direct communication. Money-back guarantee.

No job interviews.
No admin concerns.
No hiring hassles.
Flexible commitment.
Direct communication.
Money-back guarantee.

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100,000+ hours of design work rendered to our 100+ clients. Get started in less than 24 hours.

Dezynspace is trusted by top companies around the world.
Dezynspace is trusted by top companies around the world.

Why spend months hiring a designer when you can rent one instantly?


Our graphic designers are all vetted, professionally trained and work from the same creative headquarters.

Your designer will be assigned exclusively and will communicate with you directly through chat and meeting apps.

We will handle all administrative and management concerns so that you can focus on the things that matter most.


Introducing the first ever graphic designer renting platform.

Simply choose the plan* that best suits your needs and transact through our secure platform. You’re ready to start within 24 hours.

*Risk-free, money-back guarantee.

Direct Contact with Designer





Real-time conversations.

No more missed deadlines—our designers are available directly via multiple platforms including Slack, so that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Rent a designer for a day, or for 6 months. We’re flexible.

Whether you’re filling in for someone on sick leave, or if you’re looking to scale your business without permanently hiring, we can help.

Our plans are flexible and convenient.

Whatever you need, your graphic designer delivers.

Tap any of the items below to see real-life work of our designers.


Business Card


Mobile App Mockup


Web Design




Social Media Post




Web Banner












Powerpoint Deck








Logo & Branding


Vehicle Wrap




Key Visual Design


Photo Editing


Restaurant Menu




Background Removal

… and much more.

“JL's designs are creative, visually appealing and work for our business. Turnaround time is superb and he takes a lot of initiative, providing samples and references to help us plan things better.”

Nathaniel Yim, CMO, Janio, Singapore

"Andrea was able to help us solve our design challenges quickly. We struggled in finding a reliable on-demand graphic designer, but after subscribing to Dezynspace’s Dedicated Designer plan, we ended up with Andrea which is a big help to our growing startup. We didn’t need to conduct interview, deal with HR and admin operations just for a month of graphic design help. We will definitely work with Andrea and Dezynspace again.”

Jeff Hofer, CEO, Rock Medical, Singapore

"I got my logo in less than a week! And being German myself, I was astonished with the designer's punctuality with deadlines.”

Anna Schwarz, Founder, Alpha Omega Yoga, Germany

"My assigned designer understood my creative requirements and the purpose of our conference, and created beautiful marketable assets that were highly regarded and even used by European colleagues running the same conference.”

Alex Park, Marketing Manager, Miller Heiman Group, Australia

"I've had a good experience working with Dezynspace; the team are very responsive, flexible and friendly, while the works are deliverd on time.I love working with them.”

Kosoma Kim, Communications & PR, Impact Hub Cambodia

"Working with Dezynspace was a pleasure for us. The team was open-minded and understood our needs very well.”

Sarah Bonhert, Project Team, BACC German Library for the Blind


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100,000+ hours of design work rendered to our 100+ clients. Get started in less than 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All of our designers are officially-employed by us and reports to our well-equipped creative headquarter. As a user of Dezynspace, you can then rent our designers during your chosen schedule. This “rent” process then saves you time and money hiring a design talent to join your team. Not to mention, you avoid all the administrative, HR and admin hassle that comes with hiring.

  • Select Duration
    You select the package that you want to engage our designer for (2 days/5 days/10 days/multiple months). Your duration is extendable should you need more time working with our designer/s.

    Fill out our KYC (Know-Your-Client) form and we'll match you with one of our senior-level Dezynspace designer who will work with you directly and exclusively on all your projects. Our matching process usually takes less than 24 hours.

    Start Working with your assigned Dedicated Dezynspace Designer
    Dedicated means that during the entire duration of your selected package, our assigned designer to you will work only for you and no one else.

  • It’s like having a full-time employee, because your dedicated designer works with you 8 hours a day.

  • You can send in as many requests to your dedicated designer as you want. Your dedicated designer will then include all your requested task as part of his/her whole day activity. Working 8 hours a day, you can accomplish a lot of work. You’ll be surprised how fast our designers work and how much you can finish on a day!

  • Pretty much any design work that can be done using different design tools like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and even Powerpoint projects. Including outputs like; Branding support (logo design, internal collaterals, handbook/manual), Promotions Material (Social Media Post, advertisements, EDM), Final Artwork (image enhancement, color setting and profiling for print and web), Website design (not including development/coding). For more information on what we can do, please visit the Official Scope of Our Design Service.

  • Once you have completed our sign-up form and payment for your package have been processed, it will take us 24 hours to match and assign a dedicated designer to you.

  • You can work with your dedicated designer Mondays to Fridays. You can also select from our 2 working schedules; 9am to 6pm or 10am – 7pm (GMT+8). Note: Our office follows Philippines Official Holidays.

  • We find that Slack is the best communication tool for both you and your designer to maximize your 8 hours of working together. You can set-up a voice meeting with your designer via Zoom. Your designer is equipped to set this up for you, all you have to do is request and schedule the call.

  • Yes you do. You work with your designer exclusively and directly via Slack. Exclusively means your designer will only service your account and no other client can utilize his 8 hours of work for you.

  • No. You can rent on a per “On-demand” basis. Basically, you can rent only when you need to.

  • Depending on the project you have requested, your designer can deliver in different speed. For example, if you asked for a simple revision (edit text or change color), your designer can send back a revised design within 30 minutes. If you asked your designer for a logo design, this will take longer than 30 minutes. It really depends on the task you want him/her to work on.

  • You. All design assets are owned by you. Your designer will share with you all the files even the open format files. Ask your designer what you need and you will receive.

  • Your designer’s service does not include 3D/CAD, Programming or coding and any video editing or animation. However, simple GIF is acceptable.

  • No worries. If you don’t like the service of your dedicated designer 2 days after your start, you can request for a full refund or we can assign another designer to work with you.

  • All of our designers are fully-employed by us. We conduct regular training and skills development workshop with them to be able to render good quality design work and service to our customers. Another big difference is that we vet the designer that we will assign to you making it less risky for you to be working with an unreliable talent. And most importantly, your designer works only for you for full 8 hours a day and no one else.

  • You get access to our Shutterstock account allowing you to use our images free of charge. All you have to do is course the image request to your designer and your designer will incorporate the image into your design.

    You also get access to the Head of Dedicated Designer in case you have a concern regarding your package or working with your designer.

    More questions? Contact tour Business Development officer for answers.

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100,000+ hours of design work rendered to our 100+ clients. Get started in less than 24 hours.